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Once Upon A Time: Top 10 Plotholes

ABC's Once Upon a Time is a wonderful show but there are some plotholes or missed points I wonder about. Like:

10: Can people be born with magic?

Most people in the show who preform magic are born with that power and learn how to use it. Cora and her daughter Regina somehow learn magic from Rumpelstiltskin. Emma doesn't learn it but can use it as proven in the season 1 finale, fairies and Rumple are born with it. Can Henry, Snow, Charming and everyone just learn how to do it, like riding a bike? It also brings us to...

9: Why does Emma have magic?

This actually does have an answer: she was born from true love. The problem is....so are other people. Snow White and Aurora's parents both were each others true love. Killian and Emma are eachother's true love and frankly have a better love story than Snow and Charming. Shouldn't their daughter Hope be a magic savior? How does one even measure the love and if it's true?

8: How on earth did Cora become Queen of Hearts?

So Regina banished her mother to Wonderland shortly before her marriage because of her interference and on Rumpelstiltskin's advice. She actually returns twice which is weird, what does she think banishment means? How useful is Regina's spell when Cora can return whenever she desires to? Anyhow, somehow Cora became Queen in Wonderland but it's never explained why. Monarchy is probably a bit odd there. Maybe she was the 100th visitor and got the title? Who knows?

7. How was Henry (II) adopted?

We al know Regina adopted Henry in the early 2000s. It's shown in season 3 how she does it during the curse, somewhere in Boston. Ten years later, when the curse is still active, Henry explaines however that Emma (and himself additionally) are the only ones able to leave, with Emma being the only one able to leave forever. Sooooooo how did Regina go to Boston to adopt Henry? Maybe she can leave because she cast the curse? We don't really get to know.

6. How did Maid Marian die?

There is a bit of speculation about how Marian (originally) died. We know it's at the hands of the Evil Queen. In the alternative timeline, Zelena kills her and takes her body. By the way: Zelena never met Marian: how the heck was she such a good actress she was able to fake being someone she never met for years and Robin (her "husband")  never noticed something was off with "his wife". Or even their son Roland. Anyhow: in season 3 Robin says Marian's death was his fault. How did that happen?

5. What happened to Princess Abigail/Kathryn and Frederick/Jim?

It's understandable that some characters disappear into the background after a season or two. Ruby, Archie and Whale are great examples. Thankfully, Ruby got an explanation in season 6. But Kathryn/Abigail was such an important character in season 1 and in season 2 episode 1: broken she somehow disappeared. She makes a cameo in the twenty-first episode of season 3 but we know she started a relationship with Frederick before the first curse was cast. He is in Storybrooke under the counterpart of Jim, a gym teacher. Did they get together after the curse was broken?  At least with Leroy and Astrid/Grumpy/Dreamy and Nova we knew it didn't work out because Nova still is a fairy and rejects him. Ouch.

4. Does Emma know Regina kill Graham?

Graham Humbert was brutally killed by Regina in season 1 while kissing Emma. I always wondered, during Emma's long friendship with Regina afterwards, did Regina ever tell it. Does Emma know? I think she deserves to. 

3. How was Philip saved?

After Philips soul was sucked in by the wraith, all hope seemed lost for Aurora to see her true love again. Buuuuuuuut apparently not since he reappears in Season 3 and he somehow got his soul back and was saved even when it was said to be impossible. 

2. How did Lancelot survive?

Lancelot was killed by Cora years ago, as said in the start of season two. In season six however, he suddenly reappears like: "Yeah, I did somehow survive and then I somehow made it to this world and somehow didn't age and well now I need to warn you: Arthur's a baddie, OK bye, see you never."
I'm sorry Once Upon a Time but you can't just resurrect characters because it's convenient. If Harry Potter can't, you can't. Or I'm demanding my Fred, Dobby and Tonks back.

1. Prince Neal's age

Emma's brother Neal was born in 2013, meaning he should be 4 by season 6. He's however still a baby. In the last episode of season 7 he appears to be about 7 even though it's in a far future, and his 14 year older nephew Henry is well into his 30s. This might have something to do with the curse though...

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  1. about emma's magic, in seson 6 you hear about "how to change you're dastiny" Aladin wanted with a ✂️ (im dutch, so idk the word) The BLACK FAIRY used it by Rumplestiltsken so she woudn't kill him, cus rumple's destiny was to be a savior, but becaus the used "magical ✂️" rumple shoudn't be the savior and never get the magic of the savior. and one line in seson 6 is: if you use that ✂️ you're lose your dastiny but also your magic


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