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Descendants theory: Who is Gil's mother?

I have recently watched Descendants 2 and I was really pleased with how it turned out. Usually you have something called the Sequel Curse, that's why sequels somethimes turn out bad. One thing I hoped to see in Descendants 2 was who the other parents are (Carlos', Evie's and Mal's father or Jay's mother). But no, so in honour of Descendants 2 I am finding out now the mother of Gil (And his brothers)
So we know who Gil's dad is (obviously). It's Gaston from Beauty and the Beast. Last time I figured out Uma's father, now I'll find Gil's mother. Now with Mal and Uma and everyone I'll have to find a parent for It's hard to find because they all look so much like their famous parent. Gil however doesn't resemble Gaston. Gil also has two older brothers, twins named Gaston Jr. and Gaston III. So let's take a look at Gaston himself.

Gaston is a jerk. It's the one thing he is known for. So (In contrary to all the other "Other Parents"of Descendants) I don't think Gil's mother is a villain. Villains are usually arrogant. So I don't imagine a female Disney villain hooking herself up with some jerk and then give birth to three sons.  Like Yen Sid (teacher at Dragon Hall who is not a villain) I imagine a woman coming to the isle with Gaston out of free will. Now I imagine you thinking: Who on earth would live with that sexist out of free will. You'll be surprised I found three woman who might:
You guessed it: The Bimbettes, or the Silly Girls. They go by many names these triplets. Disney confirmed their own names: Claudette (red dress), Laurette (yellow/orange dress) and Paulette (green dress). They are the only ones we see in the original movie Beauty and the Beast to be in love with Gaston.

In Isle of the Lost: a Descendants Novel, it says that villains were brought back to life, only to be sentenced to the Isle. I imagine that when hearing this, the three girls rush to Gaston on the harbour or under the spell of Fairy Godmother and ask if they can come along. Maybe only one. If Gaston is concious he would pick one (remember his dreams of having a lovely little wife who'd give birth to his many sons) . Otherwise, Fairy Godmother would allow it so everyone can have a chance of love.
C'mon that's what Fairy Godmother would do, I'm not going that far off stretch guys!!!

After some research I think I know which one of the three is the mother to Gaston Jr., Gaston III and Gil:

Evie, Mal, Carlos, Jay, Ben and everyone wears their parents main colors. Evie blue and red, Carlos red, white and black and Mal purple, green and pink.
Gaston's official colors are gold and red. Gil wears them (ofcourse) but he also wears yellow, light yellow sometimes. Like the sleeves and apron of Laurette! Unfortunately, this is the only proof I have it's Laurette and not one of the others. But I think Gaston might be the only one staying with his partner after they have kids. Imagine what life would be like for one of the triplets on the Isle without Gaston to protect them. So if it was Paulette (the green dressed lady) that was Gil's mother, I think Gil would wear a bit more green. But really, it could be anyone of the three and it doesn't really matter because the triplets are so much alike, but there is more proof it's Laurette. This information I saw at their page on the Disney Wiki:
  • Ironically, despite Belle being considered by the village to be the most beautiful woman in the village, Laurette disguised herself as Belle flawlessly enough to fool Gaston initially, which conflicted with the claim that Belle's looks had no parallel.
This makes Laurette jump out of the three again!!!
I have, however, still more proof to proof it's one of the Bimbettes to be the mother of Gaston's children. Multiples (twins, triplets, quadriplets etc.) run in families. Gaston Jr. and Gaston the Third are twins, and Laurette/Claudette/Paulette are triplets. So that makes sence.

This is my theory on who Gaston's wife is in Descendants. Let me know what you're thinking about this!

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