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Descendants theory: Who is Zevon's father?

Yes, I'm back with the "unknown parents" theories. Now this particular Descendant is very interesting. He's one of the only of the Wicked World characters with a parent I haven't made a theory about (feel free to check Freddie,and CJ's other parents too). Today. I'm figuring out who is Zevon's father.
Now, Zevon is a very interesting character. From the looks of it, he doesn't seem like Yzma's son at all. In the Descendants Universe, almost all the Descendants have a name matching their parent (Mal-Maleficent, Jay-Jafar, Freddie-Facilier, Ally-Alice, Audrey-Aurora etc.) but not Zevon. His sister Yzla (From the book series) has a matching name. Another thing noticable is his outfit. Evie wears a lot of blue and royal red like her mother, Mal loves purple and all the others have their parents' colors too. Zevon prefers too wear turqoise colors and even dyed part of his hair that color. Somewhere online (though I don't think it was canon D…

Descendants theory: The people you missed in Descendants and Descendants 2...

Today, I'm not doing a "Who is the unknown parent of the Descendants character"-theory, I'm showing y'all people you may have missed in the movies. Please keep in mind that these are theories, so don't expect Disney (Channel) to confirm this. This is a lot guessier than the previous theories...
LumièreYes, we saw Lumière in Descendants 2. But, according to my information we could see him in the very first scene of the first Descendants movie. Proof for this is the last chapter of the book Isle of the Lost: A Descendants Novel, Ben says he is looking out the window with Lumière measuring him for his coronation suit. The book is stated to happen RIGHT before the movie, so it matches. Another proof is that he has a french accent. As he says: "'ead" instead of "head". A silent h is a sign of a french accent. As a bonus:  Fifi/Plumette/BabetteYou know, the feather duster of Beauty and the Beast and Lumière's girlfriend. I really don't …

Descendants theory: Who is Jane's father?

Ah, Jane. One of the very few Auradon Prep children with only one (known parent). If you didn't know, Jane is the sweet 14 year old daughter of the Fairy Godmother, making her and Mal (Maleficent's daughter) the most powerful Descendants of the entire group. Bonus fact: Brenna D'Amico (Jane's portrayer in the movies) is the only one of the main actors to be the same age as their character while shooting Descendants. 

She is also the only Descendant with a name that doesn't match their parent, besides Evie but Queen Grimhilde is mostly known as the Evil Queen. 

But maybe it matches her father...

The first person to check is Fairy Godmother, Jane's mother ofcourse. Since she's all about making others find their true love in their stories, I think Jane's father is a character from the original 1953 movie Cinderella. If we follow the rule (That golden Descendants rule) that the first letter of a name must match their parents, we come to two possible fathers:

Descendants theory: Who is Dizzy Tremaine's father

Hello there everybody! It's me again with a new theory. I previously theorized on Uma's father, Gil's mother and Harry's mother from Descendants 2 but there's another new VK in town thanks to Descendants 2. Today, I will figure out Dizzy Tremaine's father...
Can we just stop for a moment and get one thing straight: Dizzy Tremaine is the most lazy name Disney could come up with. At the very least they should have chosen a french name (with a D if that's very necessary). I'm hoping it's a nickname from Izzy or Izabel.

Focus Michiel! OK, so Dizzy's father isn't mentioned in the least by Dizzy or anyone in the Descendants universe but I'll try.

Since Dizzy was conceived ten years after all the villains were banished to the Isle of the Lost, we know her father must be a villain. And male, if you don't get why it must be a man, I suppose you should read some biology books because this is not that kind of a blog.

So, a male Disney villain. …

Descendants theory: Who is Anthony Tremaine's father (The Baker?)

I do really love the books: Isle of the Lost, Return to the Isle of the Lost and I must read Rise of the Isle of the Lost once it's available in my country. In the books, Lady Tremaine's only grandson plays a part: Anthony Tremaine, Chad Charming's step-cousin.

Unfortunatly, we don't see Anthony in live-action or the animated series Wicked World. He is described as having "dark hair"and I thought: "Yes, his mother is then probably Drizella, as she had dark hair. Finally Disney made a Descendant with a name that doesn't match his/hers parent!!!"
    I was wrong In the sequel, it is specifically stated Anastasia is his mother. Then I (as a Theorizer) get the question: Who is Anthony's father (and also his numerous sisters). The most obvious answer:
But here's the thing: the Baker has strawberry blonde hair. And Anastasia red. After some math and biology tests, I figured out their child will have a 50% chance of strawberry blonde hair and a…

Descendants theory: Who is Harry's mother?

In Descendants 2, there are four new villain kids: Uma (daughter of Ursula), Gil (son of Gaston), Harry (son of Captain Hook) and Dizzy Tremaine (daughter of Drizella Tremaine).
Previously, I discovered out who Uma's father and Gil's mother are (feel free to check out those theories). Today, I will figure out who the mother is of Harry, and his sisters Harriet and Calista Jane (CJ). 

Unfortunately, Harriet only appears in the books and is yet to be seen. CJ had an appearence in Descendants: Wicked World and Harry (ofcourse) was a main role in Descendants 2.
The first question popping to mind is: are they really siblings? Because Descendants 2 universe and Isle of the Lost (the novels) universe kinda are different things. And then there's the fact that Wicked World events never are mentioned in the movies...
Stop right there! These books aren't some crazy Wattpad fanfiction, they are canon. Acknoledged by Disney, the third book says Harry is the middle child and has one …

Descendants theory: Who is Jay's mother?

Hello there again! Today I'll find out Jay's mother for you. As a bonus, I'll give you an explanation of Jay's family tree.
So, in Descendants Jay's father is Jafar. There is no speculation about that. It's said in the movies, books, fanfiction's you name it. In the book Isle of the Lost: A Descendants Novel by Melissa de la Cruz (Which is canon btw) Jay speaks about his mother one time:
"Don't look at me, I don't even have a mother..."
Now, Jay is always very specific. If you check his lines in the movie, you see that he never beats around the bush.
     Now, almost all the children on the Isle of the Lost have one parent. The other one is or deceased or unknown. Jay always tells what he knows, if he didn't know his mother he would have said:
"Don't look at me, I don't even know my mother..."
But I don't even have a mother indicates that he had one. So, we know it must be someone who is deceased. A deceased female …

Descendants theory: Who is Mal's father

Descendants is my favorite movie. But something bugged me: Mal, Evie, Jay and Carlos all miss one parent and it's not explained if they are all dead. And DON'T tell me that theory that Jafar is the father of everyone, that's nonsence. Today I am figuring out who Mal's real birth father is.
Thank god we have the book Isle of the Lost: a Descendants Novel. There Mal's father is mentioned multiple times so we can build our theory on something. The book  is by the way canon. So in the book, we learn that all Villains were banished to the island 20 years before the movie starts. Mal (Or rather: Maleficent Jr.) is 16, this means she was conceived and born on the Isle. Now, I have a hard time imagining a Hero going to the Isle freely (brave enough to b*ng Maleficent) and go back. So it must be a villain. Now , there are enough male villains who could be Mal's father (Don't bring up Jafar). But Maleficent and Mal clearly mention he is dead. Many of the male villain…

Descendants theory: Who is Gil's mother?

I have recently watched Descendants 2 and I was really pleased with how it turned out. Usually you have something called the Sequel Curse, that's why sequels somethimes turn out bad. One thing I hoped to see in Descendants 2 was who the other parents are (Carlos', Evie's and Mal's father or Jay's mother). But no, so in honour of Descendants 2 I am finding out now the mother of Gil (And his brothers)
So we know who Gil's dad is (obviously). It's Gaston from Beauty and the Beast. Last time I figured out Uma's father, now I'll find Gil's mother. Now with Mal and Uma and everyone I'll have to find a parent for It's hard to find because they all look so much like their famous parent. Gil however doesn't resemble Gaston. Gil also has two older brothers, twins named Gaston Jr. and Gaston III. So let's take a look at Gaston himself.

Gaston is a jerk. It's the one thing he is known for. So (In contrary to all the other "Other Par…

Descendants theory: Who is Uma's father?

Descendants theory: Who is Uma's father?

We can all agree that Descendants (and it sequel) is an amazing movie. It's a realistic, yet magic portrayal of the children of characters we all love. Only one thing bugs me (well me and the entire fandom). Except for many Auradon Kids, or AK's (children of heroes and villains) every child has only one parent (the famous one). For example: we know Uma is the daughter of Ursula, but her father is never seen. Yet, I found a canidate.

Let's first talk about everything we know about the father. 20 years before the movies start, all villains are banned to the restricted Isle of the Lost. Restricted as in: nobody but the villains could be there to have the children. So we know Uma's father is a villain. There's something else we know. Ursula's voice in Descendants 2 is provided by Whoopi Goldberg, a black actress so we can assume the Descendants version of Ursula is also black. Just like Wendy Raquel Robinson's portra…