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Descendants theory: Who is Harry's mother?

In Descendants 2, there are four new villain kids: Uma (daughter of Ursula), Gil (son of Gaston), Harry (son of Captain Hook) and Dizzy Tremaine (daughter of Drizella Tremaine).
Previously, I discovered out who Uma's father and Gil's mother are (feel free to check out those theories). Today, I will figure out who the mother is of Harry, and his sisters Harriet and Calista Jane (CJ). 

Unfortunately, Harriet only appears in the books and is yet to be seen. CJ had an appearence in Descendants: Wicked World and Harry (ofcourse) was a main role in Descendants 2.
The first question popping to mind is: are they really siblings? Because Descendants 2 universe and Isle of the Lost (the novels) universe kinda are different things. And then there's the fact that Wicked World events never are mentioned in the movies...
Stop right there! These books aren't some crazy Wattpad fanfiction, they are canon. Acknoledged by Disney, the third book says Harry is the middle child and has one older sister (Harriet) and one younger sister (CJ). Their names are mentioned too in the book. So it's canon they are siblings ( half-siblings could be possible but since it isn't confirmed...).
The first clue I have is CJ's hair color. The blonde haircolor is very often recessive in genetics. That means in most cases it's impossible for two black or brown haired parents to have a blonde child. So it's very likely (VERY VERY VERY LIKELY), I mean 99,99999999% likely for the mother to be blonde. She also must be a villain, since Harriet, Harry and CJ were conceived on the Isle of the Lost. Nobody but villains can be there (this rule is only broken for Yen Sid). And since the mother is not mentioned to be alive by any of the kids, she must not be mentioned to be alive during the books, series or movies.

So the mother must be a villain, female, blonde and not mentioned to be alive during the movies or books or series. Only one person fits it all:
Yep, it's villain Helga Sinclair from Atlantis: the Lost Empire. She is literally the only blonde female villain that exists in Disney movies. And she fits it all, yet I found more...

Harry Hook (Just like his portrayer Thomas 'O Doherty) has a Scottish accent. So you can imagine I was dissapointed when I found out Helga was actually born in Frankfurt, Germany and not Scotland. But, then I thought, If the family Sinclair moved a lot after Helga was born, can it be possible for them to have moved before she was born. After some research I found out Sinclair is actually a Scottish clan.
My mind=BOOM

So I imagine the family speaking English with a Scottish accent (or even Gaelec, the original Scottish language) with eachother. Helga speaks perfectly English with the crew in her movie debut, but it's very plausible for her to speak English with a Scottish accent or even Gaelec with her family. This is how she passes it on to Harriet and Harry. What can be possible is that she died during labor (it's the Isle after all) and that's why CJ doesn't speak with an Scottish accent. Might I add that the Disney wiki states Helga was married and widowed before...

So what do you think? Please let me know if you think Helga Sinclair could be the mother of Harriet Hook, Harry Hook or CJ Hook.

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  1. I dunno, I guess I always just considered the three of them to be half-siblings. Based on the way the fandom now sees Hook's archetype to be more of a 'Jack Sparrow' figure, obviously seen within OUAT's iteration of the character. I have managed to read the books yet, so I going with what I know specifically on Harry but I always imagined he'd be the son of some Mermaid from Neverland - cause, let's face it; they are definitely sirens and could be considered villains since they did try and drown anyone who got close to Peter.


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