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Descendants theory: Who is Uma's father?

Descendants theory: Who is Uma's father?

We can all agree that Descendants (and it sequel) is an amazing movie. It's a realistic, yet magic portrayal of the children of characters we all love. Only one thing bugs me (well me and the entire fandom). Except for many Auradon Kids, or AK's (children of heroes and villains) every child has only one parent (the famous one). For example: we know Uma is the daughter of Ursula, but her father is never seen. Yet, I found a canidate.

Let's first talk about everything we know about the father. 20 years before the movies start, all villains are banned to the restricted Isle of the Lost. Restricted as in: nobody but the villains could be there to have the children. So we know Uma's father is a villain. There's something else we know. Ursula's voice in Descendants 2 is provided by Whoopi Goldberg, a black actress so we can assume the Descendants version of Ursula is also black. Just like Wendy Raquel Robinson's portrayal of Cruella de Vil in the first Descendants movie. So let's get something straight: Uma is not tanned or darker skinned, but full black. This means that her father is probably black as well. We also know he must be human, because Uma has legs and her entire maternal family is well octopus.
So far we know Uma's dad is human, a Disney villain and probably black. There is one person who matches it all:...Dr. Facilier.
Yep, Dragon Hall's headmaster is Uma's secretive dad.

Now I hear you thinking: Wow, that's like totally not right, as in you're wrong. Facilier can't be Uma's dad, it's too guessy and how about his family with Freddie???

So I'll defend my theory. Besides the fact that he's the only human black Disney villain KNOWN to be on the Isle, we also have Freddie. Freddie is the daughter of Dr. Facilier and her voice is provided by Lauryn McClain. It used to be Lauryn's sister China, untill she started playing Uma. Disney thought it would be too weird to have two characters with the same actor. And of all the replacements they could find, they chose Lauryn, China's sister. And Lauryn was also chosen to portray the live action Freddie in the Neon Lights Ball special. Now you're thinking: Isn't that logic, Lauryn provides the voice so... But, Jordan and few others had different actors than voice actors on the special. I think Disney is hinting us that Uma and Freddie may be half-sisters, just like their actors are sisters.'

I don't think Freddie and Uma are half-sisters, but sisters. Freddie's hair has some mysterious grey streaks in it and they are exactly the same shade as Ursula's hair. I think Ursula and Dr. Facilier tried to have a villain alliance to grab power on the Isle and got in love. They got Uma first and Freddie second, but then realised that love makes a villain weak and they departed without telling anyone (Even Uma and Freddie) about their relationship.

So what do you think? Please do let me know!

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