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Descendants theory: The Descendants 3 Plot

So, untill we get more clues on Celia, Squeeky and Squirmy so I can make theories about their "other parents" this is my first Descendants 3 theory post. It's about what the plot will be about.

Number 1: The time-line

Since the characters don't appear to be much older, I assume the story takes place less than a year after Descendants 2. But because of Chad's new hair and all the new features like vehicles and clothes it can't take place right after Descendants 2.

Number 2: It's Jane's birthday

For everyone who missed it: this picture has been floating around the internet for quite some time:
So it's Jane's 15th (or most likely 16th) birthday and it appears to be in the forest. Which brings us to:

Number 3: The mysterious cottage

It dawned on me only yesterday that there are actually two forest cottages built for Descendants 3. I saw like 800 pictures of this house in the forest and only yesterday by comparing a few I see that there are actually two:

To distinguish I'll call the upper one the Tudor cottage and the lower the Cobblestone cottage. My belief is that the cobblestone cottage is actually where Fairy Godmother, and her daughter Jane live. In the past I always assumed it was somewhere at Auradon Prep but now with Jane's birthday in the forest near that exact cottage.

The Tudor cottage is a bit of a trickier one, but I think it will be used in a dream sequence, similar to Ways to be Wicked in Descendants 2. I got this idea from this picture:
It's from the official youtube account of Disney Descendants. I just figured: it can't be on the Isle because it's in a forest. So why is it all gloomy and mysterious with fog and red lights? I believe that Mal is afraid of becoming either a villain or a vulnerable princess in Sleeping Beauty's shoes.

The tree in the middle of the house just gives it the same vibe as Aurora's cottage in Sleeping Beauty. Maybe it's there she dreams of Audrey turning into Maleficent? That doesn't explain Chad being in her dream as well, though.

Number 4: Is Audrey evil?

So Audrey being dressed up like Maleficent really stirred the Descendants fandom. My previous idea was that she appears as Maleficent in Mal's nightmare, but that doesn't explain Chad. What I do know is: she's wearing a costume. The staff she holds isn't Maleficent's. In Descendants we see it being a different shade of green and besides...according to the books, anyone who touches the staff would sleep 1000 years unless he or she is related to Maleficent. Aaaaaannnd, the staff disappears in the end of Descendants 1. When Maleficent turns into a dragon, the staff turns with her and is gone. It's still gone when she turns into a lizard and isn't mentioned as being in the museum like all other magical things in Auradon in Descendants 2. My new idea is: For Jane's birthday, Audrey insists on performing as Maleficent in a play probably featuring some other descendants as well, but Maleficents spirit takes over Audrey's body. When Chad comes to check on her (he plays Prince Philip) he realises what happened and is like: oh shiiiiiiiiiiiiiit.

Number 5: What happened to the Isle?

In the end of Descendants 2, Ben and Evie begin a program to allow more children from the Isle to abandon their families and join Auradon Prep. They start with Dizzy but it looks like more propaganda is happening on the Isle: 
The posters are a little hard to read but I think the five on the right say: "MAL: choose [unreadable]"
There are four posters on the left of Mal, Carlos, Evie and Jay. I think that these are posters by Auradon to inspire VK's to choose goodness.
In this photo, if you tilt your head 90 degrees to the right, you'll be able to read: "Evie's alley" on a brown sign. I think this is either something Mal and Evie made before Descendants, or something she got after helping more VK's get to Auradon Prep as a special honour. I hope it's the second option.

So that's all I have. If I can think of any more theories or options for the movie, I'll let you know. 'Till then!

zondag 1 juli 2018

Once Upon A Time: Top 10 Plotholes

ABC's Once Upon a Time is a wonderful show but there are some plotholes or missed points I wonder about. Like:

10: Can people be born with magic?

Most people in the show who preform magic are born with that power and learn how to use it. Cora and her daughter Regina somehow learn magic from Rumpelstiltskin. Emma doesn't learn it but can use it as proven in the season 1 finale, fairies and Rumple are born with it. Can Henry, Snow, Charming and everyone just learn how to do it, like riding a bike? It also brings us to...

9: Why does Emma have magic?

This actually does have an answer: she was born from true love. The problem are other people. Snow White and Aurora's parents both were each others true love. Killian and Emma are eachother's true love and frankly have a better love story than Snow and Charming. Shouldn't their daughter Hope be a magic savior? How does one even measure the love and if it's true?

8: How on earth did Cora become Queen of Hearts?

So Regina banished her mother to Wonderland shortly before her marriage because of her interference and on Rumpelstiltskin's advice. She actually returns twice which is weird, what does she think banishment means? How useful is Regina's spell when Cora can return whenever she desires to? Anyhow, somehow Cora became Queen in Wonderland but it's never explained why. Monarchy is probably a bit odd there. Maybe she was the 100th visitor and got the title? Who knows?

7. How was Henry (II) adopted?

We al know Regina adopted Henry in the early 2000s. It's shown in season 3 how she does it during the curse, somewhere in Boston. Ten years later, when the curse is still active, Henry explaines however that Emma (and himself additionally) are the only ones able to leave, with Emma being the only one able to leave forever. Sooooooo how did Regina go to Boston to adopt Henry? Maybe she can leave because she cast the curse? We don't really get to know.

6. How did Maid Marian die?

There is a bit of speculation about how Marian (originally) died. We know it's at the hands of the Evil Queen. In the alternative timeline, Zelena kills her and takes her body. By the way: Zelena never met Marian: how the heck was she such a good actress she was able to fake being someone she never met for years and Robin (her "husband")  never noticed something was off with "his wife". Or even their son Roland. Anyhow: in season 3 Robin says Marian's death was his fault. How did that happen?

5. What happened to Princess Abigail/Kathryn and Frederick/Jim?

It's understandable that some characters disappear into the background after a season or two. Ruby, Archie and Whale are great examples. Thankfully, Ruby got an explanation in season 6. But Kathryn/Abigail was such an important character in season 1 and in season 2 episode 1: broken she somehow disappeared. She makes a cameo in the twenty-first episode of season 3 but we know she started a relationship with Frederick before the first curse was cast. He is in Storybrooke under the counterpart of Jim, a gym teacher. Did they get together after the curse was broken?  At least with Leroy and Astrid/Grumpy/Dreamy and Nova we knew it didn't work out because Nova still is a fairy and rejects him. Ouch.

4. Does Emma know Regina kill Graham?

Graham Humbert was brutally killed by Regina in season 1 while kissing Emma. I always wondered, during Emma's long friendship with Regina afterwards, did Regina ever tell it. Does Emma know? I think she deserves to. 

3. How was Philip saved?

After Philips soul was sucked in by the wraith, all hope seemed lost for Aurora to see her true love again. Buuuuuuuut apparently not since he reappears in Season 3 and he somehow got his soul back and was saved even when it was said to be impossible. 

2. How did Lancelot survive?

Lancelot was killed by Cora years ago, as said in the start of season two. In season six however, he suddenly reappears like: "Yeah, I did somehow survive and then I somehow made it to this world and somehow didn't age and well now I need to warn you: Arthur's a baddie, OK bye, see you never."
I'm sorry Once Upon a Time but you can't just resurrect characters because it's convenient. If Harry Potter can't, you can't. Or I'm demanding my Fred, Dobby and Tonks back.

1. Prince Neal's age

Emma's brother Neal was born in 2013, meaning he should be 4 by season 6. He's however still a baby. In the last episode of season 7 he appears to be about 7 even though it's in a far future, and his 14 year older nephew Henry is well into his 30s. This might have something to do with the curse though...

zondag 24 juni 2018

Descendants theory: Timeline

Okay, so we don't know much but since Descendants takes place in the year it was released (2015) we can gather some facts:

  • 1963: Maleficent I is born*
  • 1967: King Adam (Beast) is born
  • 1971: Queen Belle is born
  • 1979: Queen Aurora is born*
  • 1988: Beauty and the Beast takes place
  • 1995: Sleeping Beauty takes place*
  • 1995: Adam and Belle get married, United States of Auradon started, all villains get banished to the Isle of the Lost.
  • 1999: Maleficent Bertha "Mal", Evie, Jay, Harry, Uma, Gil, Ben, Audrey, Chad, Doug, Ginny Gothel and a lot more are born.
  • 2001: Jane and Carlos O. de Vil are born.
  • 2015: Descendants takes place
*Maleficent states in Descendants that for twenty years she was robbed of her revenge, if she was defeated longer ago she would have been robbed of her revenge for longer. She also says that when she was Mals age (16) she was cursing entire kingdoms. Since Sleeping Beauty's kingdom Auroria is the only kingdom we know of that Maleficent cursed, we can assume she was sixteen at the time she cursed infant Aurora and 32 when she was defeated on Aurora's 16th birthday. This means she was 36 when having Maleficent II. 

Descendants theory: The Family Tree

Today, I'll explain the big Descendants family tree. It connects Uma, Mal, Maleficent, Hades, Ariel, Hercules, Prince Eric through blood. NOTE: This tree consideres the Little Mermaid Musical as canon and Hades as Mals proven father. 

It al starts with Kronos, the main Titan. According to classic mythology (featured on the Hercules DVD) he has three sons:

Poseidon, Zeus and Hades. According to the musical version, which is canon in this blog, Poseidon has three children with an crustacea woman (half octopus). Those children are King Triton, Ursula and Morgana.
Atlantica's Crustacean Queen with her youngest children Ursula and Morgana
For some unknown reason however, Morgana and Ursula were banned from the Atlantican Court by their brother. It has something to do with their witchcraft and their mother wanting them on the throne.

Around that time, Poseidon retired and Triton became king of Atlantica. He married Athena (who shares her name with his cousin through his uncle Zeus) and the two had seven royal daughters:
1. Attina x ?
2. Alana x ?=Arabella
3. Arista
4. Aquata
5. Adella
6. Andrina
7. Ariel x Prince Eric= Princess Melody
Ariel is of course the disney princess we know and love from The Little Mermaid. Attina marries in the Little Mermaid comics to a merman prince and Ariel of course marries prince Eric and has a daughter named Melody.

In Rise of the Isle of the Lost we are introduced to Ariels niece Arabella. It's unknown which sister is her mother but because of her purple color scheme we can guess Alana or Andrina. Her fashionable personality and vanity indicate Alana.
Arabella in School of Secrets
In Descendants 2, we see that Ursula has a daughter named Uma. For a full theory on who is Uma's father, visit my other theory:

So much for Poseidons line, let's move on to his brother Hades. At first you might not think that Hades has descendants or even a significant other, but just you wait. In Greek Mythology, Hades has a wife named Persephone (let's skip the part that she's his niece by his brother AND sister, shall we?) and she actually appears in Hercules and Hercules the series. It could be that she's the mother of his son Hadie from the Descendants book series. Either that or the Wicked Witch of the West. They were dating in Once Upon A Time, a show by Disney, and she's a villain so she could be on the Isle but I'm sticking with Persephone.

BUT I'M NOT DONE! Descendants 3 hasn't even released it's trailer yet but it's already hinting that Hades (portrayed by Cheyenne Jackson) will be Mals father. In the teaser she's walking to an ancient greek pillar with a blue flame saying her name. She responds: Dad?
Besides, he and Dr. Facilier are the only male villains appearing in D3 that could be her dad and don't get me started on how Maleficent and Hades dated in the House of Mouse...

The brother of Hades and Poseidon is Zeus, who married Hera and had a son named Hercules in the movie Hercules. In the cancelled movie, Hercules and the Trojan War, Hercules has married Megara and they have a daughter named Hebe. And hell yeah I'm counting it as canon. Sorry Disney, you made it up, you'll have to deal with it. Anyhow, in the second Descendants novel, Herkie (I'm praying a short name for Hercules II) is introduced, so Hercules I married Megara and had two children: Hebe and Hercules II.
Hades, Persephone, Hercules and Megara

                 |                                               |                                                                  |
Hera-----Zeus                                     Poseidon-Amphitrite               Persephone-Hades-Maleficent I
           |                                                 _______|________                                   |                |
           |                                                |             |                |                                   |               |
    Hercules I-Megara        Athena-Triton    Ursula      Morgana                  Hadie      Maleficent II
                    |                                 |                   |                                                                "Mal"
        -------------------       Eric-Ariel              Uma
        |                       |               |
    Hebe         Hercules II   Melody

donderdag 21 juni 2018

Descendants theory: Continueing?

I know I haven't posted in quite some time but I'm waiting for more clues for Descendants 3. As soon as more pictures are about about Squicky and Squirmy (William Smee's sons) I'll post the theory I have on who is their mother. Also, there are enormous hints that Hades is Maleficent Jr.'s father, debunking my previous theory on the King of Hearts being Mals father. As soon as it's considered canon, I'll post a family tree about how Hercules, Ariel, Maleficent, Uma, Ursula, Mal and many others are related. Also, if Hades is her father...Mal has a canon half-brother: Hadie. I'm praying his name is just Hades Jr. and that the writers aren't that lazy (I'm still recovering from finding out about Pinocchio's son Pin)...
As for Celia: I still think her and her elder sister Freddie are in fact Uma's half-siblings. I wish I knew there were more "other parents" of the VK's confirmed, but as Cruella, Grimhilde and Jafar aren't returning for the third movie, I don't think we'll get there. On the plus side: more theories of mine to consider! Last update: I saw a theory about Dizzy's father being Sir Kay from The Sword in the Stone and it makes so much more sense than my theory on Hans.

zaterdag 16 september 2017

Descendants theory: Who is Carlos de Vil's father

Carlos Oscar de Vil is the only 14-year old of the 4 original VK's. His crazy mother is Cruella de Vil, but who is his father?

We know one thing for a fact, his mother is Cruella de Vil who mentally and physically abused him for 14 years, and (don't forget) used him as a slave. Carlos' father is only mentioned once canon:
Cruella had forbidden him to ever ask her about his father, even though he was very curious and loved to know more about him

Since Carlos was conceived on the Isle, his father must be another Disney villain. And (because Carlos doesn't know him) we can assume that he is deceased. This doesn't solve anything. There are plenty male Disney villains who are not mentioned in Descendants, Descendants 2, School of Secrets, Wicked World or the books. So let's look at Carlos' appearence. He looks like his mom and only has a few features his mom doesn't: his skin tone and freckles. Plus the ability to be very gifted at technical devices. He even made a machine that broke the barrier of the Isle once! He also found out the location of the museum of Cultural History in 1,7 seconds and broke down the alarm system of the museum. Now we know that Cruella isn't that high-tech. Since he was conceived on the Isle, his father must be a villain! And (because of his skin tone) white with freckles.
The rundown:
1) He's male
2) He's a Disney villain
3) He's white with freckles
4) He's most likely good with technology
5) Since he's most likely dead, he must not been shown to be alive in Descendants, Descendants 2, School of Secrets,Wicked World or any other canon, like the books.One person matches it all:
King Candy being Carlos' father explains so much.  Like that scene in Descendants where Carlos is obsessed with candy. It's why Carlos can drive in Return to the Isle of the Lost: it's in his blood.
Carlos says he learned how to drive to drive his mother as a chauffeur on the Isle. But...why didn't she ask Horace and Jasper? Or even their sons Harry and Jace? I think it was a hint from Cruella. It's also very enjoyable (for a villain like her) to watch her son wondering on who his father is when the answer is right there.  King Candy is also very high-tech. He was able to change the entire game of Suger Rush and proclaim himself king. I think that when Cruella saw who he really was, she felt cheated on and arrenged a little "accident". But with him gone, she needed a new henchman. Since Carlos was a living reminder of her late boyfriend, she treated him like garbage.

I hope you all like this theory,  I said I wouldn't do Carlos' other parent but here we are. Tell me if you liked it and who's "other parent" I should find out next.

woensdag 23 augustus 2017

Descendants theory: Who is Zevon's father?

Yes, I'm back with the "unknown parents" theories. Now this particular Descendant is very interesting. He's one of the only of the Wicked World characters with a parent I haven't made a theory about (feel free to check Freddie,and CJ's other parents too). Today. I'm figuring out who is Zevon's father.
Now, Zevon is a very interesting character. From the looks of it, he doesn't seem like Yzma's son at all. In the Descendants Universe, almost all the Descendants have a name matching their parent (Mal-Maleficent, Jay-Jafar, Freddie-Facilier, Ally-Alice, Audrey-Aurora etc.) but not Zevon. His sister Yzla (From the book series) has a matching name. Another thing noticable is his outfit. Evie wears a lot of blue and royal red like her mother, Mal loves purple and all the others have their parents' colors too. Zevon prefers too wear turqoise colors and even dyed part of his hair that color. Somewhere online (though I don't think it was canon Disney ;-) ) I read:
"It's the only thing Yzma revealed to her two children about their father: He loved the color blue"

Since Zevon is sixteen, he was conceived four years after the barrier shot. The Isle is only for villains, so we know that his father is a villain and he likes the color blue. There is one option:
Yep, they even have the same sence of humor. And Hades is the only villain GOD, so it explaines why Yzma (who is according to Kuzco a living dinosaur and very old) can have two children. So what do you think? Could Hades be Zevon's father? I tried finding an animated (that's the rule for Descendants) villain with a name that starts with a Z but I only found cars and robots.

Bonus theory: I think Zevon and Yzla are twins, if you didn't know Yzla is Yzma's daughter. This would explain why they are both 16, and twins run in families. Yzma has two twin nephews. This would mean they are Hadie's half-siblings or full siblings? What do you think? Let me know in the comments below, please.

Descendants theory: Who is Mal's father

Descendants is my favorite movie. But something bugged me: Mal, Evie, Jay and Carlos all miss one parent and it's not explained if they ...

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