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Descendants theory: Who is Jay's mother?

Hello there again! Today I'll find out Jay's mother for you. As a bonus, I'll give you an explanation of Jay's family tree.
So, in Descendants Jay's father is Jafar. There is no speculation about that. It's said in the movies, books, fanfiction's you name it. In the book Isle of the Lost: A Descendants Novel by Melissa de la Cruz (Which is canon btw) Jay speaks about his mother one time:
"Don't look at me, I don't even have a mother..."
Now, Jay is always very specific. If you check his lines in the movie, you see that he never beats around the bush.
     Now, almost all the children on the Isle of the Lost have one parent. The other one is or deceased or unknown. Jay always tells what he knows, if he didn't know his mother he would have said:
"Don't look at me, I don't even know my mother..."
But I don't even have a mother indicates that he had one. So, we know it must be someone who is deceased. A deceased female villain with a eastern appearence (otherwise Jay would have looked different, let's be honest (See my theory 'bout Uma's father)). And guess what, I found


Or you have to count Nasira (Jafar's twin sister) and I don't because
1) Inbreed
2) Jay mentions his cousin Jade, also on the Isle who is Nasira's daughter. Since Jay must have known his mother, he would refer to Jade as his (half)sister if this case were true.
So, I looked around the Aladdin universe instead of Disney , Descendants or villains and then I found

These girls referred to as the Harem Girls. Always wondered, who do they belong to. A Harem often means a room where the woman of a particulair islam man reside. Mostly there are around six. So, why can't these Harem Girls be Jafar's. It's never mentioned he actually lives in the palace, only he works there, has a dungeon lair there etc. Woman who belong to the same Harem often wear the same outfit. When Jafar wants to make Jasmine his wife, he dresses her in a similair outfit:

I read that only rich men in ancient Eastern cities had a harem. And Jafar must be the second-richest man in Agrabah, besides ofcourse the Sultan. It would be weird if he doesn't had a Harem. But then I hear myself (and you probably) think:
"But they aren't villains. And Jay was conceived on the Isle of the Lost, you know: the prison of all Disney VILLAINS.

I thought so too, untill I discovered something in the video clip of One Jump Ahead. The girl in the pink dress (the middle one on the previous picture) actually THROWS Aladdin out of a window. It might have been "self-defence" since he just snuck in their Harem, but still it isn't smart to attempt murder on the protaganist and the future Sultan:

I know, he didn't die but there are people who had gone to the Isle doing less:
Edgar from the Aristo Cats stole cats and was send away to the Isle of the Lost. Aladdin stole more in one day. Something's seriously wrong with law and order in Auradon.

Anyways, I think that the girl in the pink outfit from Jafar's harem joined him on the Isle and then died somewhere between four and twenty years later. 

This is my theory on who is Jay's father. Please let me know your thoughts about it!

There is one thing bugging my theory: many people say they appear as bridesmaids on Jasmine and Aladdin's wedding. Making it appear like there are no hard feelings. But the sequels don't appear in the Descendants Universe, as is proven by Anastasia Tremaine being there even though she is redeemed in Cinderella II and Cinderella III: A Twist in Time.

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