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Descendants theory: Who is Anthony Tremaine's father (The Baker?)

I do really love the books: Isle of the Lost, Return to the Isle of the Lost and I must read Rise of the Isle of the Lost once it's available in my country. In the books, Lady Tremaine's only grandson plays a part: Anthony Tremaine, Chad Charming's step-cousin.

Unfortunatly, we don't see Anthony in live-action or the animated series Wicked World. He is described as having "dark hair"and I thought: "Yes, his mother is then probably Drizella, as she had dark hair. Finally Disney made a Descendant with a name that doesn't match his/hers parent!!!"
    I was wrong
In the sequel, it is specifically stated Anastasia is his mother. Then I (as a Theorizer) get the question: Who is Anthony's father (and also his numerous sisters). The most obvious answer:
But here's the thing: the Baker has strawberry blonde hair. And Anastasia red. After some math and biology tests, I figured out their child will have a 50% chance of strawberry blonde hair and a 50% chance of red hair. And since Anthony has dark hair, it's very unlikely the Baker is his father. BUT, since I ship the Baker and Anastasia so much I searched further and found an answer with Dizzy (Anthony's cousin)

In the movie (Descendants 2) Mal wants her hair dyed and asked Dizzy: "Hey Dizzy, you used to do Evie, right?"
And Dizzy answers: "Yeah, I thought of the little braids!"

But what if Dizzy has done more then that? Maybe, she dyed Evie's hair blue. After all, the Evil Queen doesn't have blue hair, but black as proven in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs...

So, what does this have to do with anything? Could it be Lady Tremaine (Who owns a shop called "Lady Tremaine's Curl up and DYE(!!!!)) once experimented and gave her grandson dark hair, and he really liked it. It is also mentioned Dizzy dyed her own hair, and Mad Maddy's hair is dyed so maybe it's a trend on the Isle. I also don't believe Um's hair is fully her original.

So I believe, when Auradon was founded and the villains were banned to the Isle, Anastasia (redeemed) felt responsible and joined her sister Drizella and her mother Madonna Tremaine (that's btw her only mentioned first name in Disney media). The Baker loved Anastasia so much he joined her on the Isle freely.

So what do you think? Could the Baker be Anthony's father? And what would their relationship be? Tell me in the comments!

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