zondag 24 juni 2018

Descendants theory: Timeline

Okay, so we don't know much but since Descendants takes place in the year it was released (2015) we can gather some facts:

  • 1963: Maleficent I is born*
  • 1967: King Adam (Beast) is born
  • 1971: Queen Belle is born
  • 1979: Queen Aurora is born*
  • 1988: Beauty and the Beast takes place
  • 1995: Sleeping Beauty takes place*
  • 1995: Adam and Belle get married, United States of Auradon started, all villains get banished to the Isle of the Lost.
  • 1999: Maleficent Bertha "Mal", Evie, Jay, Harry, Uma, Gil, Ben, Audrey, Chad, Doug, Ginny Gothel and a lot more are born.
  • 2001: Jane and Carlos O. de Vil are born.
  • 2015: Descendants takes place
*Maleficent states in Descendants that for twenty years she was robbed of her revenge, if she was defeated longer ago she would have been robbed of her revenge for longer. She also says that when she was Mals age (16) she was cursing entire kingdoms. Since Sleeping Beauty's kingdom Auroria is the only kingdom we know of that Maleficent cursed, we can assume she was sixteen at the time she cursed infant Aurora and 32 when she was defeated on Aurora's 16th birthday. This means she was 36 when having Maleficent II. 

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