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Descendants theory: Who is Dizzy Tremaine's father

Hello there everybody! It's me again with a new theory. I previously theorized on Uma's father, Gil's mother and Harry's mother from Descendants 2 but there's another new VK in town thanks to Descendants 2. Today, I will figure out Dizzy Tremaine's father...
Can we just stop for a moment and get one thing straight: Dizzy Tremaine is the most lazy name Disney could come up with. At the very least they should have chosen a french name (with a D if that's very necessary). I'm hoping it's a nickname from Izzy or Izabel.

Focus Michiel! OK, so Dizzy's father isn't mentioned in the least by Dizzy or anyone in the Descendants universe but I'll try.

Since Dizzy was conceived ten years after all the villains were banished to the Isle of the Lost, we know her father must be a villain. And male, if you don't get why it must be a man, I suppose you should read some biology books because this is not that kind of a blog.

So, a male Disney villain. What else? Anna Catchcart (And her character Dizzy) are both redheads. Since Drizella has black/brown hair we can assume it must be a redhead father.

So far: Male, Disney villain, redhead.

Another thing: have you noticed how every Descendant introduces theirselves like: "Hi, I'm the Evil Queen's daughter" or "My mom's Aurora, Sleeping Beauty and Phillip" or "I'm Lonnie, my mom's Mulan".
As annoying as it is, it does give us a clue: If your father is an alive famous villain, you would tell people about it. So what I think is that Dizzy's father is dead or runaway. So, if my theory is correctly:
1) Must be a Disney Villain
2) Must be a man
3) Must be a redhead
4) Must not be mentioned to be alive and or have children in Descendants, Descendants 2, Isle of the Lost and it's sequels, School of Secrets or Descendants: Wicked World.

Unfortunatly, a lot of people fit that Description: Alameda Slim, Stabbington brothers, Prince Hans from Frozen, Syndrome from Incredibles, Giant from Mickey Mouse as Jack the Giant Slayer, King John from Robin Hood and so on. These are the few that make a chance, I think.

But there's one missing link:
Drizella and Lady Tremaine. I might be going on a stretch here but Lady Tremaine is nobility and cares about that very much. She already lost one daughter to a simple and humble Baker, I don't think Drizella could pull of the same. So, I'm counting out all the male redhead Disney villains who aren't mentioned to be alive who aren't nobility.  Then only two men stay on our list: Prince John from Robin Hood and Prince Hans from Frozen. Now, I'm not thinking Lady Tremaine would let her daughter aim as low as Prince John, so my final answer:

There is however more proof that Dizzy is Hans' daughters. Hans has always been tormented by his twelve (!) elder brothers. We know his eldest brother is named Caleb, the third eldest is a historian named Lars, there are some twins named Rudy and Runo and the youngest three are Rechtaid and Cormac and Hans. They always teased him about being the smallest, youngest and weakest. Dizzy has a lot in common. She has a few sisters (According to Azalea Hart on youtube 6 older sisters) that don't appear in Descendants 2 doing chores all day for her grandmother. Dizzy isn't mentioned to be going to the party with them in the book Isle of the Lost: A Descendants Novel. Instead, she is teased by them and has to stay at home sweeping all day.

I think Dizzy is a lot like Hans before he got older and more bitter. Dizzy reminds her mother constantly of her lost lover. That's why she is teased and tormented by her family.

This is my theory on Dizzy's father. Let me know what you thought about it in the comments! See you next time!

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