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Descendants theory: Who is Zevon's father?

Yes, I'm back with the "unknown parents" theories. Now this particular Descendant is very interesting. He's one of the only of the Wicked World characters with a parent I haven't made a theory about (feel free to check Freddie,and CJ's other parents too). Today. I'm figuring out who is Zevon's father.
Now, Zevon is a very interesting character. From the looks of it, he doesn't seem like Yzma's son at all. In the Descendants Universe, almost all the Descendants have a name matching their parent (Mal-Maleficent, Jay-Jafar, Freddie-Facilier, Ally-Alice, Audrey-Aurora etc.) but not Zevon. His sister Yzla (From the book series) has a matching name. Another thing noticable is his outfit. Evie wears a lot of blue and royal red like her mother, Mal loves purple and all the others have their parents' colors too. Zevon prefers too wear turqoise colors and even dyed part of his hair that color. Somewhere online (though I don't think it was canon Disney ;-) ) I read:
"It's the only thing Yzma revealed to her two children about their father: He loved the color blue"

Since Zevon is sixteen, he was conceived four years after the barrier shot. The Isle is only for villains, so we know that his father is a villain and he likes the color blue. There is one option:
Yep, they even have the same sence of humor. And Hades is the only villain GOD, so it explaines why Yzma (who is according to Kuzco a living dinosaur and very old) can have two children. So what do you think? Could Hades be Zevon's father? I tried finding an animated (that's the rule for Descendants) villain with a name that starts with a Z but I only found cars and robots.

Bonus theory: I think Zevon and Yzla are twins, if you didn't know Yzla is Yzma's daughter. This would explain why they are both 16, and twins run in families. Yzma has two twin nephews. This would mean they are Hadie's half-siblings or full siblings? What do you think? Let me know in the comments below, please.

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