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Descendants theory: The people you missed in Descendants and Descendants 2...

Today, I'm not doing a "Who is the unknown parent of the Descendants character"-theory, I'm showing y'all people you may have missed in the movies. Please keep in mind that these are theories, so don't expect Disney (Channel) to confirm this. This is a lot guessier than the previous theories...


Yes, we saw Lumière in Descendants 2. But, according to my information we could see him in the very first scene of the first Descendants movie. Proof for this is the last chapter of the book Isle of the Lost: A Descendants Novel, Ben says he is looking out the window with Lumière measuring him for his coronation suit. The book is stated to happen RIGHT before the movie, so it matches. Another proof is that he has a french accent. As he says: "'ead" instead of "head". A silent h is a sign of a french accent.
As a bonus: 


You know, the feather duster of Beauty and the Beast and Lumière's girlfriend. I really don't have any proof she is in fact this woman but they appear much alike...

King Chad Charming Sr. and Queen Cinderella

During the coronation scene, Cinderella and King Charming are seen directly behind their son Chad. King Charming is wearing a suit that matches Chad's own suit exactly and Cinderella appears much like her animated self. If you say: Dude, these aren't theories: this is from the Descendants Wiki, I can say I added them. MichielK is Michiel Korte, so me. Check it. 

Li Mulan and Li Shang, Lonnie's mother and father

Sorry for the bad picture. In the Coronation scene, we can see Lonnie leading her mother Mulan forward and a man stands close in a military Chinese suit that clearly resembles Li Shang's. I bet anything it is Li Shang. Too bad, Li Shang Jr. (Lonnie's older brother) wasn't there. 

Dopey, Dopey's wife (Doug's parents)

We know for a fact that Doug is Dopey's son. So, we can assume this man looking proud at his son being all dressed up is Dopey and the woman who is later seen tying his bow-tie is his mother. Unfortunatly we don't have a name for the mother. She does carry a bit of a Spanish appearence, though and Doug's line in Did I Mention? is:
"Un, dos, tres, quatro.."

So, I added the page about Doug's mother.

King Phillip and Queen Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) , Audrey's parents

On Family Day, there are two people looking proud at Audrey and applauding. You could think: that doesn't proof anything. But, the same people are seen with her in the coronation scene with Audrey in matching gowns and royal uniforms. Aurora's dress also looks like Queen Leah's who would be Aurora's mother. I am quite positive these two people are the Royals from Auroria, in the South Riding.

Almost all the royals from Auradon (In Descendants 2!)

Sorry I couldn't get a better picture but I think the people on the left and right of Mal and Lumière are the official Disney Princesses.
Left to the right:
Princess Ariël, Prince Eric, Li Mulan, Li Shand, Queen Tiana, King Naveen of Bayou, Dopey, Doug's mother, Jasmine, Aladdin,  Queen Aurora, King Phillip, Queen Cinderella, King Chad Charming Sr.

Aladdin and Jasmine are confirmed so I think the rest will follow. Cinderella, King Charming, Aurora, Dopey, Phillip, Doug's moter, Mulan and Shang are all the same actors from the coronation in Descendants.

These are my theories about the backgrounders! Let my know what you think!

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