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Descendants theory: Who is Jane's father?

Ah, Jane. One of the very few Auradon Prep children with only one (known parent). If you didn't know, Jane is the sweet 14 year old daughter of the Fairy Godmother, making her and Mal (Maleficent's daughter) the most powerful Descendants of the entire group. Bonus fact: Brenna D'Amico (Jane's portrayer in the movies) is the only one of the main actors to be the same age as their character while shooting Descendants. 

She is also the only Descendant with a name that doesn't match their parent, besides Evie but Queen Grimhilde is mostly known as the Evil Queen. 

But maybe it matches her father...

The first person to check is Fairy Godmother, Jane's mother ofcourse. Since she's all about making others find their true love in their stories, I think Jane's father is a character from the original 1953 movie Cinderella. If we follow the rule (That golden Descendants rule) that the first letter of a name must match their parents, we come to two possible fathers:
Jaq (originally the mouse) is one of Cinderella's closest friends. In Cinderella 2, Jaq is turned into a human by Fairy Godmother, but eventually he is turned back into a mouse. Jane makes multiple mouse-like noises in the first movie. Always wondered why, they could've just filmed Jane running away nervously from Mal. Maybe it's a hint? He doesn't appear on Family Day though. And if you say:
"Michiel, you might not believe it, but what if in the Descendants universe...he died?"
Well, that my friends is not possible, in the Book Isle of the Lost and Return to the Isle of the Lost, Jaq is mentioned to be alive (and a mouse) and also he has a place in the council of sidekicks and is in a relationship with the mouse Mary. Fairy Godmother doesn't appear to be someone that breaks up someone's relationship because she is in love with that person.
The Duke, we don't know his real name. Just like Jane, he can be a little awkward at socializing and is very nervous to do his best. Personally, I think this is Jane's father. He doesn't appear at Family Day, but that can be due to business at the court of Cinderellasburg. It is mentioned in Return of the Isle of the Lost he is a busy man. But I do think we see him in Descendants 2, he is talking to Fairy Godmother while looking at Jane in a Cinderellasburg outfit...

So what do you think? Could the Duke or Jaq be Jane's father. Let me know in the comments!

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